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I was really excited this week.  I found someone with a 3D printer and they agreed to print one of my toy guns for me.  This was excellent. I have been carrying out serious and prolonged investigation into 3D printer with the object of buying one.  I have many projects I would like to do with one, but the cost is a major factor.  I am an instant gratification sorta guy.  I want everything now and once I have it the urgency and interest wains.  A popular printer will cost about $400.  A "good" printer climbs to $600 and above.  When one has NO money available for discretionary spending, the idea of buying a printer is the very definition of insanity.  The insanity of the idea is compounded by the fact that many of my project ideas are illegal.

My excitement was pleasant but short lived.  The partner of my benefactor must have been worried and researched the legality of the print.  The printing stopped.  "c'est la vie".

On the bright side, the residents of Victoria are now safe from the trauma and mental anguish of the possibility I might be playing with a plastic toy in the privacy of my tiny lounge room.  I am annoyed because if I lived in Queensland I could legally buy a full metal, full sized, fully functional (non firing) replica of the cowboy gun I crave.  So my inner child wont be channeling their inner John Wayne any time in the near future.

And if I do, you wont be reading about it on these pages.

Three years ago a very stupid, proud and arrogant person in NSW decided to show off his skills by putting a cos play gun for sale on Facebook.  It was only up for 3 days and he withdraw it, but not before NSW Firearms saw it and investigated.  He was threatened with possible 12 year sentence.  Shit himself but ended up with 12 months suspended by an intelligent and realistic judge.  Should you have any interest in the story read  here.

The one I wanted to print was not my ideal, not a cowboy gun but a good start.  The realistic mechanical functions are superb.  It satisfies my cowboy and my modeling  desires.  You can judge it on this Youtube.

Back to day dreaming about impossible futures.

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