Old age and Risk Management

Greetings fellow professionals (clients?)

A few years ago is was pointed out to me that old people are an encumbrance and to be avoided lest they need your support in future. In the mean time I have only become older, riddled with old peoples germs and could collapse at any second. This is indeed pertinent to you who use me for your internet support. We are about to address that situation.

As far as I know I am the sole keeper of your internet needs and desires. Given my impending demise this is intolerable, for you.

NO!! I am not going to immediately cease support and care of your internet. WE! You and I, are going to ensure you have all the information required to appoint a new guardian when the inevitable occurs, whatever that may be to you.

I am collating the data and creating support documentation that will enable you to take the reins yourself or hand them on as you choose.

This wealth of knowledge will becomes yours in the very near future. To meet this end I need two critical pieces of information from you. Important information!! You MUST provide it! Some of you may think I already know it. Free yourself of that assumption. Assume I am as old as you see me and my memory is as you expect it to be.

1. Your postal address.

Like a car registration, your domain(s) must be registered and have valid contact information. I want your current, full address and I will ensure all your domains are correctly detailed. (see the PS. note below)

I will also use this address to send the hard copy (paper) documentation of your internet regime.

2. Your Name

and the domain registration strikes again. I need to know what name to record on your registration and in my records.

The registrations are semi-legal documents and the relevant authorities will use the details to hunt you down if you commit thought crimes.

Why am I being pedantic about this? Because I am old and I can do WTF I want. And I don't want you folks stuck in deep doodoo when the inevitable happens.

Supplying the requested information will also confirm I have used the correct email address to contact you. If you have a preferred (new) email address give it to me and I will use that in future communication. I need your response no matter what you may think our relationship is. You must be an internet stranger to me for me to prepare the documentation required for the next chosen stranger.

Ohh Ooh. Almost forgot. I expect to complete the documentation and send it to you before the end of September.
Tony Smith

PS: Some of you are owners of, or related to, several domain names. I will assume you want to use the same contact details for each domain and update each accordingly.

How you wish to be identified on "official" stuff
where you want "official" email sent
This is for your domain registration and for me to send stuff to you

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