Of Mice and Mice

How many of my readers have any idea what the title refers to?  Any plans of this lesser man seem doomed to go astray.  My latest distraction arrived on Wednesday and I have spent three days cringing on the couch, looking at the box.

Of course I exaggerate for affect but it is not far from the truth.  I have studied and researched and learnt everything I can about these 3D printers and I am now so full of knowledge I am terrified to take the first steps.  If I have learnt anything at all in the last 12 months, it is that these machines are a universe away from the wonders used by any commercial print farm. They are for the home hobbyist only.  For the dedicated neophyte, the fanatical zealot, the single minded true believer.  Am I now too jaded, too insecure?   I have convinced myself I am too old for any worthwhile pursuit.  The hands may not tremble but there is no confidence behind their movement.  Even if I get the build perfect, the best I can expect is that it will work error free some of the time.  It is with this understanding that I sit for three days, looking first at the box, then the scattered pieces, then the partial construction, in dread of my every action.  Have I tightened the bolts too much?  Is the 'Z axis' perfectly vertical?  Are the cross bars parallel? Will the feeder tube kink?  Is the 'X-axis' belt tensioner too tight?  Will the 'Z axis' stop switch prevent the print head from cracking the glass plate?  Is the print bed level?

Every "unboxing and assembly" video I have watched shows 'whoa to go' in under an hour.  I am typing this late on the THIRD NIGHT and I am yet to make the final cable connections, select the correct voltage and plug it in.  I can remember when I believed in myself, in the validity and correctness of my thoughts, but recent history has shown me how foolish and wrong I can be.  It makes me doubt everything I do and think. And this fucking lock down curfew means I can't even go and get myself some more coke and chocolate! Life sucks!  Well maybe I will connect the power tomorrow.

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