Oh Blessed Relief

I support nearly 40 web sites.  I use a fabulous building tool to help me.  I use it on nearly all the sites.  Whenever that tool is updated I have to apply the changes to EVERY SITE!

When WordPress has an upgrade I must ensure every site is updated.  This is normally  done automatically (phew!).  What isn't automatic but expected and unavoidable, is the wave of upgrades from all the addon developers who update their 'plugins' to meet the new WordPress standard.  I use a 'standard' set of plugins on every site.  That means on a major release I often spent nearly a full day updating all the sites.  This week I tested a service that promised to update all my sites from one place.  IT WORKS!!

Yesterday I signed on and it took me 4 hours to register all the sites.  Yesterday WordPress released a major update and this triggered the tsunami of plugin updates.  Yesterday I spent 10 minutes updating all my sites with the first wave.  Today I spent 5 minutes applying the second wave.  Oh bliss!!

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  1. Kerry29/08/2020

    That’s a good news story. I find the way two of these websites relate and knit together is at first a source of vertigo and then very nice.
    Yours sincerely, a viewer.


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