Oh buggar!!

Message to self.  Don't make important decisions or perform important tasks after 30 hours 'no-sleep'.

I have installed some BIG new programs on my little PC.  Some CAD, technical drawing, programs.  Several 'Slicers', that take the CAD drawings and make them 3D printable.  My poor little 'office worker' is straining under the load.  Consider, if you will, a 12m container being loaded onto a 6m carrier.  The truck has to crawl and the driver has to spend most of his time checking if the container is still there.  Yep, slow!  and that's how my little girl was running.  In my sleep deprived state I thought it would be good to examine the inner workings of the beast.  Did you know, 3:00 am is not a good time to be following internet trails and chasing gremlins in the Process Manager?  I was following up some very good leads and excellent instructions for ridding myself of some suspiciously superfluous, Sino sourced software.

It was all going so well (I thought).  One step, Two step and tickly under there!  That tickly bit really screwed me.  To complete the cleansing, the PC has to be restarted in "Safe Mode" and this required the administrator password.  A password that I haven't used in over 18 months.  The restart would not accept the password in any combination of upper, lower characters.  Windows does not provide a password recovery mode, makes it a bit too easy for the hackers.  No password, no access.  No access, no turning off "Safe Mode".  No turning off, no access to the normal startup that would allow me to use the "PIN" code.  Did you spot the subtle difference, PIN Code vs Password?  Oh boy! I really should have thought this through a bit better before I started.  That's what sleep's for, Genius!!

9:00 am this morning I defied the '5K limit' and retrieved a Notebook from my storage.  By 10:00 ish I had found, paid for and downloaded a 'non Microsoft' password recovery utility.  By 11:00 I had created the "Boot" USB stick,  and by mid-day I had finally got my machine back under control.  And so ends the $40 lesson in stupidity.

Ah but, then I got a text from Aust Post.  My delivery had arrived.  I wonder what it is.  Once more into the breach Moriarty!  A tiny package awaited in the 'letter box of wonder', sheltering under the 'bush of white blossoms of joy'.  Back to safety of the dark cave and the package is slashed open. Oh joy.  Oh rapture.  The Speedometer Drive Speedo Gear for the Goldwing, from the Divided States of Trumpland.  I want to defy the rules and rush the 32K to the bike shop but there is no way I can afford to risk the $1600 fine.  Off to the Post Office, repackage and post to my fixer.  Oh my Golly Gosh!  A man may have his bike again much soonly.

All the sooner to be palpitated and unbalanced under a truck.  That's what old fat men do, it is known John Snow.  and it was pointed out to me several times. Oh my.  Life is exciting.

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