Okay I can take a hint!

10 years and $20,000 too late but I finally get it.  Fat decrepit Old Man looking stupid on a decrepit bike wreck.I am the expert at wishful thinking.  And wasting my fucking time.  I thought I had what I wanted, the girl and the bike.  And I was kidding myself on both counts.

I have been starting the Goldwing every 10 ish days to keep the battery conditioned.

I haven’t ridden it since I paid to have it returned (yet again) in Dec. 2020.  I did have to buy a new battery in March and I have been starting it every 2 weeks or so.

Today I thought I might be different and just check “everything” while it was running (not riding).  You know, lights, blinkers etc.   Certainly didn’t plan to ride it. Still haven’t worked up the courage and I know I can’t get it off the centre stand.  Remember this bike has been on the main stand since December 2020 when it came back from the ‘last visit’ to the bike shop.

I pulled in the clutch lever and it “CLUNKED!!!!” into first gear.  I let out the clutch slowly and listened as the back disc started grinding itself into a thinner plate. Clunked back out of gear and back wheel instantly stopped rotating. Tried again. Same grinding. Went around to right side to apply foot brake, leaned over and pulled clutch in, applied brake and engine just clunked to a stop.  Obvious clutch isn’t disengaging.  Tried again, started bike with clutch pulled in, let it out and grinding came back, squeezed clutch and slowly applied foot brake.  Same again,  engine just seized.   I don’t know how the mechanic did his test ride back in December.

I think $20,000 for a 3 kilometer ride to the shops is enough spent, don’t you.  I literally have no money and $10,000 in credit card debt so not even interested to find out the bike just needs a $200 service to change oil.   All I am doing now is renewing Rego every 3 months.  Stupidity compounding.

Identified a bike trash collector today.   Probably next week.   Bye dreams.


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  1. Kerry14/08/2021

    Why have a folly when you can have a magnificent folly?


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