One giant leap

a 7 hour print. 98% good. It's the little things that totally screw you up.

A 7 hour print wrecked in the first 5 minutes.  The biggest piece of my pet project.  One of the two central pieces to which everything is attached, looks perfect from one side.  Stand it up and look at it sideways and you can see how the base layer, the very first layer, lifted, warped, didn't adhere to the glass bed in one little spot.  It was laid in the first few minutes and looked fine.  I watched that base layer like a jealous lover at a birthday party.  It looked perfect.  But as the print progressed that little corner slowly lifted and deformed the two fingers of plastic building above it.  So sad.  and I watched so carefully.

From above the plate everything looked fine.  I was so impressed.  Unfortunately the bad spot was in a section that was partially obstructed by the print head and moving motors but it all looked fine.  The small warping caused a key part to print asymmetrically and now two major pieces cannot fit into each other.   "Too bad, so sad."

I want to get some sleep tonight so I will wait until the morning to print it again.  It will need only a small change to the setup and it will be fine. Buggar.  Good job I'm not precious about these things.


  1. Kerry04/11/2020

    What are you creating Tones? Which post tells me?
    Or is it a secret?
    Foxy Kerry 🦊

  2. Foxy Kerry04/11/2020

    Aaahhhh…tried updating my name….is this better?

    1. Anthony Smith04/11/2020

      xclnt. well done.


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