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Eight seconds. A website user's attention span lies somewhere around eight seconds. In the time it's taken you to reach these opening lines, you've probably picked up your phone at least twice, were distracted by something in your peripheral vision, or started mentally making a to-do list.

How do I condense my experience into an article suitable for the internet browser?  The looker not the tool.  I have been mucking about inside computers for over 40 years.  I am not afraid to wield a torx key.  If you already know what a torx key bit is, you will probably be bored silly reading this article.    If  you don't want to know what a torx key bit is, you will probably be bored silly reading this article.  In the early eighties I sold the family Mercedes to fund the purchase of an Apple IIe.  Yes they really were that expensive.  It was amazing.  I have been pulling personal computers apart (and putting them back together) ever since.  I was a personal computer hoarder.  In 2010 circumstances forced me to get real and get rid of my treasure pile.  A local group collected and refurbished PC equipment for redistribution to seniors groups.  It took them 4 trips to collect everything from my garage.

I am still fixing PCs.  I don't search them out.  I don't make an income.  My latest job was breathing new life into an aging MacBook Pro notebook.  Still an effective processing machine but sadly showing its age.  Soooo slow.  This is the time when most people give them away, try to sell them and buy a new one.  Such a waste. There is nothing wrong with it but people think they aren't working properly.  Sad.  The only problem with them is a slow storage device.  They have a mechanical disk drive which spins and has an arm that reaches in for the info.  By today's standards they are just too slow.  Easy fix.  Replace the mechanical drive.  The new style are called SSDs.  Like a USB stick it has no moving parts.  The client bought all the parts, following my instructions, delivered everything to me.  When they arrived it took me four hours to open the notebook, replace the drive, reload the Apple software and sew it all back up again.  New machine.  Easy peesy.  Love it.

"But what is a torx key?" you ask.  A torx key bit is a star shaped key that removes (and inserts, obviously) the security screws that supposedly prevent owners from breaking the warranty.  Have a look at your smart phone. If it is an iPhone look at the bottom where you plug the usb cable.  Either side of that plug hole is a teeny screw with a 'hole' in the centre.  That is a torx screw and that hole is star shaped.  Aren't you glad you learnt that.

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