Proof of life or The Last Supper

Photo to prove delivery.  Taken by the jolly Indian driver.

Monday morning 12:45 am and I take delivery of my last Dinnerly meal package.  I now have ingredients for 12 meals in the fridge.  On Sunday night I made the beef and capsicum stir fry that came in the first delivery two weeks ago.  That is why I cancelled the subscription.  The driver takes a photo of the dwelling and the package in front of the dwelling as proof of delivery.  The photos are recorded and a copy sent to me in my emailed receipt.  A good system, I wish other couriers had the same practice.  Just for fun and "real proof" I suggested he take me with the package.  I am glad I did.  Now I know to get rid of the ridiculous beard.  I think that image is better off in my head.  No need to inflict it on the unsuspecting world.  Fat white haired old man!  Keep him away from your kids!

and I can take the sign out of window now.

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  1. Kerry03/11/2020

    Call that a beard? You need to see a photo of Glenn….I will find one and e mail it directly to you for a laugh! His first lockdown beard was immense…..I am hoping as this lockdown that we are due to start on a Thursday is planned for a month (ha…likely story) that it will not get out of control this time.

    Plus pop a lot more weight on and grow it bigger and you could get a red suit and black boots then kiddies will be all over you!

    Question….are the recipes any good? We have a few delivery companies like this in the UK….a few friends have tried Gusto and say it is fabulous.
    Foxy Kerry 🦊


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