Saturday 8th

I think I have slept for the best part of 24 hours.  Starting at about 3:30pm yesterday (Friday).  After I delivered the converted Word files I came back to the flat, updated my calendar and thought to rest my burning eyes.  When I woke at 7:00pm I found I had slept through two phone calls.  I returned the calls and put my head down again watching Youtube.  I awoke at 10:00pm to take my drugs and laid down again.  During the night I went twice to the toilet, had my drugs at 8:00am but didn’t fully wake up until about 3:30pm. I can remember I didn’t know what day it was when I took my 8:00am drugs.  WOW! My sleepless week caught up with me.

I don’t know how restrictive the Stage 4 Melbourne lock down is but I couldn’t get through to either of my favourite Indians. Bloody annoying because a big $45 order is enough food for three days and I feel it is money well spent.  I had to drive around to the village for fish and chips which meant I had to walk up to the fruit shop for ‘healthy’ snacks (snigger).  They sell the yummiest $11 nougat bar and then I spotted the toasted muesli. OMG $32 for 1.5kg of cranberry toasted muesli.  Yes I bought it.  So my $45, 3 day, take away turned into a $70 binge that will be lucky to make it through the night.  I know it all comes down to economic serving size but I do wish I could get a half serve of chips.  I am reasonably certain that my personal serve of “flake and minimum chips” would feed a Somali family.  It is ridiculous what western (read US influenced) society believes serving sizes must be.  And I always have to throw away half the chips.  Such a waste but I ain’t reheating cold chips. Uhmm?  Could they be mashed for bubble and squeak?  Topped with fried egg.

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