Sitting in sunshine — continued

Not exactly to the day but 2 weeks later, as forecast, the table setting has arrived. Yeehar!!!

I admit I cracked.  I rang the retailer on Monday to check I wasn't forgotten.  He assured me the delivery was coming next day.  Another case of a member of staff with a sneeze closed down the warehouse.

As promised, I received "IT'S ARRIVED" email this morning.  Just before lunch I popped the car roof down and headed to the store.  Check the order, identify myself with my photo licence and the cafe set was popped into the back seat.  Under escort, I was allowed into the store and bought some stainless cable to make a security chain.  The set is outside my front window and can be easily popped into the back of a passing car during the night.

cafe table
cafe table

Back at the flat I assembled my master piece,  threaded the security cable through the table and secured each end to a chair.  Top shit!!  It took me nearly an hour to put all my tools away and create some sort of order back inside the flat.  Gotta be time for a cuppa!

coffee and juice on table


So good to feel a little bit human again.


  1. Passer-by14/10/2021

    Looks good.

  2. Foxy Kerry29/10/2021

    Love it! But is that a half pint of OJ? That will send your Blood sugar through the roof dude…….through the roof!!! Be careful Mr Smith…..xx


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