Sitting in sunshine

The weather is improving.  To some that will mean hotter.  To me that just means calmer and less rain.

I have been chasing an outdoor setting for months.  So desperate was I that I created a ‘fake book’ account.  No social interaction with real facebook people but access to the Market Place.  The ‘Market Place’!!  Don’t get me started on that one.  Just know that I accept it is a valid place to buy stuff from folk.  I chased and chased and just like on (the old) eBay I got beaten every time.  I wasn’t obsessive about it but I did check every time I got on the PC.

I found some good sets, ‘Listed a few hours ago’!  Really!  It had to be within the lockdown area.  I would send a message asking for location and suddenly the posting was either removed or updated to ‘SOLD’.

  1.  why cant the bloody seller update their listing immediately.  Lazy forklifters.
  2.  who is sitting at their PC constantly hitting the refresh to catch the latest listing.
  3.  who is buying this stuff and depriving me of my rightful claim to enjoyment.

AND!!  I know Facebook don’t give a shit but Market Place is turning into just another outlet for professional retailers.  Yeah I know, so is Gumtree.  It’s just not right.

But I didn’t come here to complain.  Heaven forbid.  Anyone can tell you that’s just not me.

So the brain is thinking, “if I buy some cheap shit I still have to pay to refurbish it“.  That’s not saving.  The good garden sets I found were as expensive as new stock.  Stop effing around!  A search of local outlets revealed a hardware store with the exact set for a good price.  Sorted!!!!  A week later I stopped procrastinating and today I placed the order.  The Covid lockdowns and short stock situation means I must wait for a warehouse shipment to my local store.  Another week maybe.  Another week and I will be chilling and sipping outside my window.

The sense of accomplishment was ridiculous.  It was a physical sensation.  I was moved to tears as I completed the payment.  I actually accomplished something and bonus………  I didn’t have to leave the building.  Public safety was preserved.

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