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I had a painfully sad and lonely experience today.  Coffee for one!  As John Farnham  sang so many years ago, 'One is the loneliest number'.

Yes,  you are correct.  That is not what 'singularity' means  but I feel like I have been to a black hole and gone through.  There is nothing in my life and I was painfully reminded of exactly how empty and pointless it is.  "Ah poor lamb."  Fuck you.  So self pity and indigestion aside (from forcing down a coffee and toasted sandwich to "enjoy myself") , I had some good news this morning.  To challenge myself I decided to 'go out' and check the mail and work on having nice time at Seddon Deadly Sins.

  1.  The Amazon parcel mysteriously appeared in the letter box.  Joy!!  I haven't wasted $30.  I was doubly pleased because early in the morning I had sent an email inquiry to the courier company, Fast Away, requesting the "secure location" where the parcel had been left.  It was great to get it and be able to cancel the 'Lost Parcel' inquiry.
  2.  Back at the cave my calibration (again) test prints had finished.  The printer was aligned correctly and I started a new print project.  My primary incentive for the purchase.  And no , I will never print details of the project.  If we meet and you can convince me you will not talk about it,  I will tell you.  Otherwise I will enjoy it in my 'singularity'.


  1. Kerry31/10/2020

    A pretty coloured print project no doubt. Actress and bishop remarks.

  2. Kerry31/10/2020

    Following the haircut I had coffee for one and an egg sandwich with the crusts cut off! In a traditional café with laminated chairs. As I was leaving two chaps came in excitedly ordering Tea for Two please.


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