Some Days

They tell me life’s a journey
that will take me many years.
Some days are filled with laughter,
some days are filled with tears.
Some days I think my heart will break,
that I can’t persevere.
Some days I must put on a mask
and hide 'neath its veneer.
Some days I turn and look for you,
with thoughts I want to share.
Some days I just can’t understand
the reason you’re not there.
Some days the sadness doesn’t come
and my smile will reappear.
Some days I have to close my eyes,
your memory is too clear
Some days I struggle to go on,
just wishing you were near.
Some days I spend in gratitude
that you were ever here.

I do not claim this as my own.  I don't recall how I found it but I was obviously meant to.  I searched for an author but can accredit it to no one.  I have taken the liberty to make minor changes to affect the meter.   I do not doubt it is a dirge, a verse for the dead, but the words and feelings ring so true to what is in my head.

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