Sunday morning

5:50 am and the grey dawn sky resembles a wet sand beach.  The lines of clouds are like the mini dunes left by the receding tide.  The sparrows are calling incessantly in the bush and tree out side my window.  Poor buggars have been at all night, driven crazy by the false dawn of the street lamp constantly blazing.

I have also been awake all night.  The days and night are not just turned upside down, they have been thoroughly shaken and tossed out like pieces of a puzzle with no solution.  At 2:30 am I visited a local garage and bought a ready made sandwich, a beef pie and a packet of tim-tams.  The sandwiches and three biscuits have survived.  I will save them for after my drugs at 8:00 am.  I cancelled my contract with the streaming service Stan.  It was effective as of 11/11/20.  Aside, that is one of only 12 dates which works in American as well as the rest of the world.  The yanks must be annoyed they have to share those 12 days.  Anyway, 11/11/20.  In the last few days, because it doesn’t matter anymore, I decided to watch a few Stan shows that haven’t appealed to me before.  I didn’t care if I couldn’t complete the series or movie.  I have watched several that have not interested me before.  The latest is the ‘Condor’.  Typically brainless, formulaic US TV shit that I found surprisingly interesting.  Loosely modeled on the plot line of the 1975 movie, it interested me enough to prompt a binge session of the first season.  If it comes your way give it a go.  So Stan cutoff is now 4 days overdue.  I wont miss it but it is fun just seeing how long the feed will be left connected.  I will try some other unknown series later.

The week started very HOT! but it cooled down thankfully.  But a surprise 32 is being slipped in today, with hot northerly winds.  Thankfully just one day then back to low 20s.  It is cool now but the sky is already clearing and the sun getting bright on the concrete bridgework looming across from my window.  Time to close up soon.

The last seven days have seen little activity on my part.  It feels like I have been sleeping all week.   I lose all track of time.  The rose printing exercise of last weekend confused and frustrated me.  Mind you, it was a welcome excuse not to do any printing and spend the time revisiting the myriad of 3DPrint Youtubes.   It is easy to lie on the sofa and slip in and out of consciousness,  awash in a stream of Tinkercad, Cura and Creality.  Some time in the last week I showered and shaved.  The exact time is unknown but I believe it happened while I was awake.  The Father Christmas look has gone but it has exposed the newly acquired energy storage bags under the chin.  (it has been an hour to compose this.  eyes tired.  I’ll be back)

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