Sunday pre dawn

5:00 am. I am still going. I have posted four articles overnight.

During that time I have experimented with new ideas on about 5 web sites and kept it installed on only one. I have played with the Carver Lane model, decided to buy more tiles and placed my order. Had my drugs and drank a can of Pepsi Max. I finished the Nougat bar, two mugs of coffee with the last of the Maconna (weeps) and had three mandarins. I have had soft jazz playing on Youtube and generally felt pretty good.
I have been officially awake and upright since 3:30pm ish. I have been on the PC since 6:00pm. That’s 13.5 hours awake and 11 hours at the desk. I am getting tired but I feel like I have accomplished something. I had a major problem with one of my bigger sites. It stopped running after doing a security update and I could not get into the ‘backend’ to fix it. Undeterred, I ‘logicked the shit out of it’ and an hour later had it all back up. It’s not an important site, just over one hundred recipes specifically for Diabetics. If I lost it, it didn’t matter but it feels bloody good to have found a way to rescue it. One more tool for the future on other peoples sites. Yes I am awesome.
I think I should lie down before I fall down. I wonder when I will awake this time.

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