It was a lovely sunny day today and the thought of spending it inside was too much to bear.   But where to go when there is nowhere to go and no one who wants to go with you? I obviously needed a sun dappled, sheltered garden setting with privacy to allow me to remove my mask.  GOTTIT!!  I walked into Seddon village and into one of my two favourite cafes.  Seddon Deadly Sins has rearranged itself brilliantly to cater for social distancing.  They have moved the window tables back and replaced them with a display case of their goodies.  Then they have opened a sliding front window to pick up from.  Works well.  I purchased a mushroom, spinach and fetta quiche, a banana muffin and a cappuccino. I walked onward to my previously envisioned haven.

I am very lucky to have a lovely friend /relation who has a house near me and she is trapped in New Zealand.   I have the key and the house has an enclosed back courtyard.  Party time!!  It is fabulous.  In a past lifetime I had access to a 5th floor balcony.  I loved it and I miss it.  The view was fab, for me.  City skyline, city traffic.  Always moving.  Always changing.  I would sit out there for hours, with a coffee, planning or just vegging with a book.  Mask free.  Gone forever.

This courtyard has no views.  It borders on claustrophobic.  But not.  In fact it is sheltered, protective.  It wraps itself around you and says 'Your safe'.   The sun was high and warming.  I was protected from the chill breeze by the surrounding fenceline.   What breeze there was carried Puccini over the back fence.   My coffee was still drinkable and the cold quiche delightful.   I sat for several hours reading my book and enjoying the birds singing and darting through the trees and no mozzies.

It was a wonderful afternoon. A dramatic and welcomed change to my dark daily isolation and I know it did me immeasurable good.

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