Last night I woke up at 12:30am.  Toilet time.  Sit up. Glass of coke.  Peanut crunch, salted caramel bar. 7 hours and 30 minutes of  You Tube later I took my morning drugs.  8:15am I lay my head down, pulled up the doona, selected Joe Scott channel, woke up at 11:00am.  Put an extra sofa cushion behind my head and started reading my latest book find.  12:30pm threw off the doona and oozed off the couch.  Pulled up the blind and blinked into the silvery daylight.  SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!

It was a sparkling 12C.  No need to get back on the couch and bundle up to stay warm.   "...looking up I noticed I was late.    Found my coat and grabbed my hat"  made the car in seconds flat, dropped the roof and floated off into reverie.

You know you are depressed when you sit in the car with your head back, eyes closed, sunshine pouring on you and tears streaming down your face.  Nowhere to go  and no one to see and no legitimate reason to be outside.  Better go shopping.  Buy a few unnecessary items from Mary at the Chinese supermart.  Spend too much at cafe just so I can hear a genuinely welcoming voice and see a smiling face, even behind the mask.  I stretch it out as long as possible, until some other customers enter.  Drive back to the flat to eat and drink my lukewarm cheese and onion toasty and cappuccino before they both expire.

Now I am sitting at my desk in the window, updating my web site diary while allowing the sun to warm me, and struggling to see the screens while it blinds me.  No way I am rolling down the blind.  It, and I, feel too good.


  1. Laurel+Freeland31/07/2020

    I felt that

  2. Kerry02/08/2020

    That picture creeps me out…….baby face in the sun…..goose bumps all over! 🙅🏼‍♀️Glad you got out of the flat as this is good for you Tones.


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