Sydney and G’kids

I have been sleeping all day to be sure I can stay awake all night.  Driving to Sydney to see the family.  Scarey.

This is really hard for me.  I cannot over stress how difficult it is for me to leave the flat.  It is safe, comfortable and effortless.  I don't need to do anything.  I can give in to my sloth and lethargy.  One hour ago I had a shower and put my skanky clothes in the wash.  The last time that happened was 6:00 AM Xmas Day.

Hazel used Facetime to order me to visit.  The whole of Australia is now a Green Zone except Perth.  My beautiful son bought me a plane ticket to Sydney for Xmas and I was delayed by the Covid  outbreak in north Sydney.  I could have used the credit to buy a ticket but that was too difficult for me.  I am going to drive up.  This means I don't have to decide on the correct over night bag.  I can leave any time I want.  I can use plastic shopping bags to put my stuff in.  I can take the jewel box that I fixed last year.  I can throw my clothes in the boot.

I want to put the cover over my bike.  I hope to get my tomato plants watered by the young boy from the neighbour.

Checkumout.  The first pic is the original plants with the lettuce surrounds.  Barely reached the window sill.  Now look at 'em.  Half way up the window.  Lettuces thick and bushy.  I have plucked leaves several times for BLT sandwiches.  There are numerous teeny yellow buds and if you look carefully at the last pic you can see two little babies.  Cooool.

For my UK readers

That drive is equivalent to Bristol to Aberdeen.  According to Google maps.

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