Tardis II takes flight

I got a request for a Tardis.  I hope to present it before Xmas.  Not a Xmas light Tardis but I am going to add lighting.

The wall panels are the first and longest print.  The ‘slicer’ program says 10hr 35min (see photo).  The printing has started in the bathroom and it is forecasting 15 hours.  Hence the move to the bathroom.  I can still hear the fan motors but I can close the door tonight.  The scheduled end is around 4:00 am.

Update:  This post has been sitting open on my PC all night.  It is 10:15 am and I am awake.  Praise be to Gertrude.   The panels printed perfectly.  They slid off the printer bed and I now have them in a plastic box waiting construction.  It is now time to print all the other parts, base, roof, internal fittings.  Pretty sure I will be building tomorrow, Thursday, injection day.  Must remember to photo the build stages and wiring.

15 sleeps to Santa.


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  1. Foxy Kerry11/12/2020

    Present for the Princess per chance?


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