The April Fool

The start of a new month.  The end of a strange month. AND 3 weeks late.

I could easily blame the technology catastrophe and you would know no better.  Much closer to the truth is laziness and lack of interest.  And they moan "here we go again".

No! I will not bore you with the usual list of woe and self pity.  The simplest explanation (not excuse) is that every time I sat down to wax lyrical I just stared at the screen until my eyes hurt, then lay on the couch to rest them for several hours.  I didn't sleep the whole month but it feels like it.  I had a dog to look after for a week and that forced me to leave the pit every day.  The obligatory toilet excursions were early morning and late night.  In addition was the cafe run for social interaction and mental stimulation.  The dog's, not mine.  The dog has a hip problem and must not be allowed to walk far.  On the two occassions when she insisted and dragged me around the "large" block, we completed the walk to the sound of dragging dog nails and she collapsed into her bed.  The cafe run was much more regal.  The weather was perfect for 'top down' and she sat in the passenger seat returning the gaze of the common folk.  At the cafe she allowed me to sit her on my knees so she could take in life  passing from over the top of the outdoor seating area barrier.  Yes life can be hard for some.







The doggie presence did have it's up side.  It required me to put in effort.  I cooked a human / dog edible casserole.  And it was awesome.  It has been years since I cooked outside a frypan and microwave.  It was wolfed down by human and dog.

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  1. Foxy Kerry24/05/2021

    I think you and the pooch make an adorable couple! Not tempted to invest in a woofy pal then Tones? Hmmmmmmm……….xxx


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