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A good day today.  You know already I didn't sleep last night.  I headed to my cafe before 8:00am.  Ordered Ham Tomato toastie and giant cappuccino for breakfast.  Back in my box before 8:30am.  Made a big decision, more in the next post.  About 10:00am I started on the Storm Trooper.  Two hours 30 minutes later it was finished.  Most satisfying.

The bits was a bit fiddly for the fingers of a fat old man. AND the instructions had a few odd pictures.  Luckily the kit quality was excellent and the fit was obvious in most cases.

First the head.  8 pieces snapping together.  So clever.  Next the chest and waist. So far so good. Clicking together well. Down to the hips. Last of the "simple" bits.  Aligning the hips and knee joints was tricky.  Not to mention slipping the ankles into the shoes.  Elbows and shoulders appeared okay until I worked out I reversed the instructions for the right and left arms.  Obviously I was going to arm my trooper but I haven't decide what to do with his left hand yet.  The kit allows for a fist, an open hand or a trigger finger option.  I'll sleep on it, eventually.

Major Aside.  The old fool just helped the next door neighbor carry a front loader from the back of his car into his flat.  My heart still hasn't stopped racing.  I have to admit 'she ' was right.  I'm just  an old man and that's all there is to it.  Gotta stop helping people.

Trooper head
The head
Chest and waist
add hips
Look'it. Legs!
and Arms. No Luke didn't cut my hand off.


love my sexy right side
a ring in but looks good.

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  1. Kerry08/09/2020

    That is coooooooool…..the force will need to be strong to compare with your new trooper!


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