The Orange Man

I really am my own worst enemy.  Yes the elastic took a few weeks to arrive.  But the biggest delay was caused by my fear of failure.
The cord arrived and it sat on the desk for a week while I oscillated between procrastination and paralysis.

I didn't know how to do it and I was scared to start.  I lay on the couch for at least a week looking at the pieces lined up on the coffee table (work bench, printer table).  It is amazingly simple and calming to lay quietly wrapped in a shroud of self pity and doubt, tucked under an arctic fleece and double doona.  There was no rhyme or reason in my existence.  Sleep, wake, relief myself, eat, curl back under the covers, watch TV until my eyes burn and sleep.  Don't bother to rinse, just repeat.  Only my drug prompts distinguished night and day, normal day from Thursday.  Morning three tabs, night four tabs, Thursday needle.

When days are equally empty why bother counting, but I knew full well that every time I woke I was a little (or a lot) closer to "the birthdays".    Somewhere in that fog I nearly destroyed my PC, started the meal delivery service (joke),  got my head around a web problem for my daughter, rebuilt my security files and passwords, lost in the PC destruction debacle.  While I was up I decided to start the orange man.  30 minutes later I went back to couch!!  I could not get the elastic cord through the 'hollow' limbs.  Two days and nights  'thinking about the problem'.  Solution, buy a roll of steel wire from Bunnings, cut a length and use it to thread and pull the elastic cord through the limbs.  Picked up on Sunday morning and by Sunday night the robot was thoroughly articulated.

For a first attempt it is 'okay'.  Far below my self inflicted standards and painfully frustrating.  It is articulated but has problems maintaining a pose.  The tension on the elastic keeps the limbs tight to the body but they swing easily.  Some intense research on the artist's site and I found she used felt in the joint sockets to create pressure and thereby friction to hold the pose.  Of course now I am worrying over what to use on Hazel's robot.

Next problem,  how do I pack Amelia's robot for posting to NSW.

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