The Rise of the Machines

It took three days but they are here at last.  One Purple robot and one Orange robot.

It started at 6:30 pm on Friday night.  At 9:30 on Saturday morning the torso and limbs were finished.  After 30 sleepless hours I crashed.  At 8:30 Saturday night I started again.  This time it was the heads.  There are two styles available and I printed one of each.  3 hours in and one of the heads broke off the print bed.  DON'T PANIC!!!!!  This is why I stay awake for every print.  I looked immediately I heard the snap and was able to pause the  printer while it was working on the other head.  I estimated the correct position and 'glued' the head back.  Waited a few second for it to set and continued printing.  Clever fat fart.  It worked, with just the teeniest little ledge above it's chin.

Getting better all the time.  And by crikey it takes a lot of time.  The heads finished around 1:00 am Sunday morning.  I couldn't be bothered starting the next steps.  Watched TV, took turns sleeping and eating until 4:00 Sunday arvo.

Now time for the coloured sections. The boots, the forearms and hands, the chest. Remove the silver filament and load the purple. 4:00 pm Sunday thru to 1:40 am Monday.

30 mins. Internal Ankle joints forming.

Internal 'back bone' forming.

8 hours in and going strong.  Chest is finished , hands are just starting and knee joints will begin in the next two layers.

10 hours and all done.

Now rinse and repeat with the orange filament, 2:00 am until 11:30 am Monday.  I admit to falling asleep about 8:30 for 90 minutes.  Time and awareness both dissolve around me.  I don't know what I did for the next few hours.  I can tell you I celebrated by printing an orange rose, just because I can.  I don't know if it is just for me or if I had some stupid intent of gifting it.  It is pretty.

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