The roof

Today I was determined to get back into the modelling mode.  It was three months ago, let's called it pre Covid, that I posted my last article on my modelling site.  April 19 to be exact.
If anyone was following the links I posted on Facebook earlier this year,  they may remember I had applied the undercoat to my house and it was ready for the next step, roofing.  Since then the house, '42 Carver Lane', has sat silent, alone, collecting brake dust, on top of the shelf unit by the door.  I lost the impetus and the enthusiasm.  More importantly I lost the motivation to move forward.  My granddaughters excitedly ask me about the 'fairy house' during our face time conversations. Being an intelligent and capable adult I can easily use their 3 and 5 yo innocence to give plausible excuses and 'coming soon's.  ENOUGH!!

I wanted a 'simple' kit to get back in to IT!   I chose the little Steam Punk Gun.  Hurdle one. A complete set of instructions for the kit were not published.  I contacted the maker/retailer and they were very apologetic and emailed the pdf to me.  Hurdle two. CA glue had dried up. That's super glue to the uninitiated. Had to use PVA, the white sticky craft glue. Argh!. White sticky glue everywhere.  I constructed one tiny module and gave up in frustration at trying to handle teeny pieces and keep them clean.  Okay, I'll take the hint!  I'll get back on to the house model.

Stick the roof tiles on.  Nice strips of cardboard tiles.  The strips are great but the roof is too wide.  I need to cut other strips up to get the extra tiles to cover the edge gaps.  I took it off the shelf, put it front and centre on my worktop, and looked at it.  For three days.  Looking.  Planning.  Testing.  I spent hours, testing, planning, dry fitting, staring blankly at the roof, pushing at the tiles on the desk top.

I was scared to apply the first drop of PVA glue.  On Saturday morning (25/07) I could fight it no longer.  I laid down the first strip of tiles.

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