Time flies when you get things done.

You know I'm a Whovian but were you aware I'm a Trekkie.  I have a treasure-trove of Who projects waiting but I wanted a Trek thingumabob as well.

I searched a long time for something appealing to me.  Tricorders, flip communicators, phaser (set to stun) are okay but they will only keep me satisfied while printing them.  Then I found "THE CLOCK".  Looks good and functional. The Holy Trinity.  I was hooked.  Well extremely interested, at least.

The original design is a 'one piece print'.  As in the photo, the white bed is laid down and then you must interrupt the print to change the filament colour.  Ho Hummmmm.  I wanted more.  I have previously mentioned that my printer didn't recognise the pause command.  I also wanted the relief to stand out more than it does in the original model.  I had to slice the model to make a base and separate relief.  This took hours of design drawing work.  Followed by another day printing the two sections.  I had made it so the relief section penetrated the 'base' plate and grew up through it.  Of course I had to wait 8 hours to find out the relief section wouldn't fit through the holes in the base.  Yes! Arghhh!!  Fiddle some settings and wait another four hours.  IT WORKED!  So pleased.  The purple relief is one piece.  The yellow plate consists of inserts that drop into the spaces in the relief.  Look carefully and you can see the outer ring and the majority of the internal ring is one big piece.  Then there are five small 'lakes' of yellow completely surrounded by purple.  Each printed as separate puzzle pieces and dropped perfectly into the correct hole.  Oh yes, I was very pleased with myself.  This was a HUUUUGE step forward in my understanding and application of my 3D knowledge.

Now the two weeks wait for the clock movement.  I would love the large red hands as shown in the header picture but I couldn't find them anywhere.  I bought a movement from eBay, obviously.  I looked at numerous alternate suppliers, "REAL" watch makers and repairers but close inspection revealed they were selling the same movements from China, at a higher price to cover their costs.  My stock came from a South Australian eBay seller.  I was annoyed and frustrated when it arrived.  The 'hands' are very thin steel plate, punched out.  That's okay in it own right but the stock was in flimsy plastic bags in a cheap plastic 'envelope'.  It had been squashed and squished all the way.  The arms had been bent and twisted!  Not Happy Jan!!  It took a lot of very tender pressure to almost straighten the hands.  It had not occurred to me that I would need a way to hang the clock.  DOH!!  Now I have found several places selling a hook piece made specifically for these Chinese movements.  Now I had a flat bi-coloured plate with a motor box on the back with no way to hang it or stand it.  Dumb  ass.

I printed two versions of the clock.  A 'one piece' (orange) and my preferred 'two piece' (yellow).  I bought two movements.  I would use the orange 'onesy' to test the fitting and find problems.  It went together with few problems.  Fitting the hands onto the centre piece was tricky.  The pressed steel hands are so flimsy and easy to bend.  I had to use a small tube to press the hands onto the shaft.  The other problem is the movement (box) slips around easily.  The locking nut stops it falling off but it can still be rotated, accidentally, when adjusting the time.  So now I have two large ish problems.  How to hang the clock and how to stop the movement moving (hee hee).  Back to design board.  I came up with the build shown.  I would glue the circular piece on the back.  This provides way to hang the clock, keep it off the wall and keep the movement centred.  The base (red) allows it to be free standing.

Each piece took four and a half hours to print.  That's nine hours before I would know if I sized them correctly and the printer tolerances would let them fit together.  Imagine my joy when they were perfect.  Yes I was very surprised.  Especially the stand.  I had designed the smallest lip to hold the clock in place AND IT BLOODY WORKS!!!!





  1. Kerry20/12/2020

    Brilliant clock engineering.

  2. Foxy Kerry23/12/2020

    I like the clocks Tones!
    Think I prefer the purple and orange one……..😜

    1. Tony23/12/2020

      Xlnt ‘cos that’s the one I’m keeping for myself.

  3. Foxy Kerry30/12/2020

    Boom….us family have the same exquisite taste! 💥


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