Tired and happy

I'm winning!!  I have skipped a few days and I will get back to them but right now I have to get this out!  I am winning!!!!!

At 12:04 am on Saturday morning (yes, right now) I have just started the left leg print.  That means I have completed the right and left arms and the right leg.  AND!!  All the embedded joints are swiveling.  Since 12:30 pm on Thursday I have had 2 hours sleep, the printer has been running (noisily) constantly, performing multiple calibrations and printing multiple test sheets.  At 3:00 pm I started the right arm.  Two and a half hours later, the left arm.  At 8:00 pm the right leg started.  I am 'stoked'!!!!!

The featured image shows the little robot I am printing.  All this effort is just to set up the machine and prove I can print it.  I am creating this 'test' model in black because that is all I have at the moment.  Today I ordered four spools of coloured plastic. When they arrive I will create two more robots, one each for Hazel and Amelia, the grand kiddles.  If you see them DON'T TELL THEM!!!.  Birthday surprises for November.  Fingers and toes crossed.

Right now it's back to Youtube on the couch.  The left leg will finish around 4:00 am.  In the meantime I have a jet engine (fan) roaring on the coffee table next to my head.  I am sure I could sleep but I don't want to.  I need to watch every layer go down.  JUST IN CASE.  I have already 'wasted' over 8 hours printing on Tuesday.  Remember the preceding posts.  Missing knees and broken feet.  Once the left leg is done, there is still another 12 hours printing to get all the other body pieces.

Then I have the fun of threading the elastic muscles.  Oh joy!


  1. Kerry04/10/2020

    You are working towards a Ph3D with all the atomic level detail and reworking that an actual dissertation involves. Please give a clue about the height of the robot!

    1. Kerry07/10/2020

      Oh my….having 2 Kerry’s on your page is odd for me. I just read other Kerry’s comment and my first thought was “ I do not remember typing those sentences”…….🤭and then “oh no I have been hacked” 🙀 and then “what is a Ph3D?” So knew it was not me!

      What is the robot from or for? Why a robot? Eh?
      Kerry in the UK


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