Tony the Rescuer

I stole these words from someone else.  Unfortunately I understand and acknowledge it is me.  Sad man.

Help me! That's the mating call for the Rescuer or Super Hero identity. It arouses all of the stress hormones combined with a strong need to connect in the only way he's ever known how. We all know this identity.  It's the fierce warrior who goes to battle to save the "whatever needs saving lately." It's the man or woman who never even hums the song "What have you done for me lately?"

The Rescuer needs to be needed. The Rescuer not only depends on the role to give them a sense of self, but they also depend on it to bridge the gap between self and others. In other words they need the Rescuer role just as much, probably more, than the rescued needs rescuing.

In fact, the Rescuer tends to feel as if their self-esteem has taken a big hit when there is a lag-time between rescues. Though on the one hand they might be relieved that they're not having to take care of every little thing for the rescued during that lag-time; on the other hand, they're wondering what they're doing here if it isn't rescuing someone else. There's a deep, unsettling tremor that tells them that something is really wrong with this picture. So, without really paying much attention to it, they launch them self into another search for the next victim in need of rescue

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