Tuesday morning. Nine days to go.

My body clock is so stuffed up.  The fact it is 24 outside and 26 inside has a lot to do with my current waking state but in the big picture my brain doesn’t know night from day.  I have a “Calm Piano Music” video playing on Youtube.  The fan is trying its best to make me feel like I have a cool breeze blowing on me.

Disappointed with my performance over the weekend.  I know I have already said that but it bears repeating.  Not only the electronics, soldering, catastrophe but also my 3D printing learning exercise.  I had a grand plan to make some lovely gifts for my UK cousins.  It involved multi-coloured printing and in my head I had it all worked out.  NOT!!!

Saturday I had lunch with a friend/client and slept the rest of the day away.  Sunday I spent all day on my multi-colour project.  It is supposedly a simple task.  I give an instruction to the printer to pause, I strip out the filament, push in a new colour and tell the print to resume.  But Tony you already know how to do it, see here?   Yes I know but that fabulous badge took my ALL NIGHT.  And involved many repeated attempts to get it right.  I had to manually interrupt the print at exactly the right level and rush to swap the filaments while the print head was at the right temperature. There are commands I can use to tell the printer to do everything automatically.  I have to manually change the filament but the program is able to maintain the printer status and then restart at the print at the right place.

Unfortunately the program in my printer does not recognise the pause command.  It was a long frustrating morning testing and discovering what commands aren’t allowed.  Remember I would have started about 6:30.  Each test can take up to 20 minutes.   Back to Youtube and find out where I can get the latest program from.  Found it!  Now to pick the correct version that works with my printer.  First two attempts, miserable failures.  It loaded okay and seemed to start okay and then just stopped working.  Argggghhh!!!  The third attempt was a goer!  But only 97%.

At 1:00 am Monday morning I gave up the fight.  I settled for second best.  No I am not happy but 19 hours was too much.  I bundled them up for mailing.  Not happy Jan.

Then I switched to a simpler task (I thought).  Print the battery holder for the Tardis.  NO hard work.  Just take the model template and print it.  1 hour.  I have a 9v battery and I tested the fit.  It fits fine AND THEN IT FALLS OUT!!  Twice I made small adjustments to the design.  I add little “lumps” to the front of the holder to apply pressure to the battery.  First time I was too delicate and the bumps were below the tolerances of the printer.  They didn’t print.  Second attempt, a bit bigger, they printed.  But they didn’t hold it.  The pressure was there but the weight of the battery tipped it out.  I have made a third variation and extended the platform under the battery.  I am hoping this will dissuade it from jumping out.  I will know how it went around 5:00 am.


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