Tuesday night. Anxious.

I tried to get that haircut again today.  I went around at 11:00 and there were 6 men waiting.  Nah!  Posted my Xmas mail and get a coffee and banana cake at my cafe.

Still nine days to go to Xmas and I am getting quite anxious about it .  Nine days to make my bed and tidy my bedroom so I can find my clothes and suitable carry bag.  Back pack or suitcase or foldable suit bag.  Nine days to decide what clothes will be the most comfortable.  Nine days to decide how I will sleep and if I will use pyjamas or gym shorts.  Nine days to decide on footwear.  Nine days to find clothes that fit.  Social isolation, stress and food relief have not been good for the love handles and man boobs.  No joke!!  It would be so easy to ring daughter and say I cant make it.  Find the money to pay back to my son for the gift of flight.  So easy to give in to my depression and fear and laziness and stay in Melbourne for Xmas.

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  1. Foxy Kerry23/12/2020

    You have man boobs? Too much fir my brain Tones!
    If you do not see your daughter and the grand girls you will be mad at yourself forever……..oh and wear PJs or shorts and a t shirt as little girls do not need to see man boobs! 😳😁🤣

    I expect lots of photos please!!”


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