Two legs better than one leg. I should be so lucky.

I hate being right and ignoring me!  I do it time and time again.  What happened to cocky Tony who knew he was ALWAYS right and did something about it?  Maybe?  No! Lets not go through the last two years again.  Boring! This time it went for 4 hours.  30 minutes to go.  I was so full of confidence and denial I set up a job to print both legs.  Why denial?  Because I had already guessed the printer had a problem when it reach a certain height.     Hence printing the boot horizontally.  So why did I go back to printing them Vertically?  My idea was too simple to be right.  Surely?!?

Nah!! I was right and I should not have gone ahead.  Old Fool!!!  The job failed at 50mm, AGAIN, same as the first failure.  Only this time it was two boots wasted.  The correctly printed boot should be approx 75mm.

Back to what I should have done 4 hours ago.  I started a height test print.  A simple stick tower, 115mm high.  Lets see if this fails.  If not, I have a lot of research to do.  I dare not print any of my big jobs, the ones I am hanging out for, until I know the full print area can be used safely.  Especially when the prints can take hours before the crash and burn.

Oh hell!!! Even as I type this,  the tower test has exceeded 80 mm.

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