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6:30am.  Awake all night. Bingeing  on Youtube Comedy.  Discovered amazing women Liz Miele. Watch her.  It is well worth the effort to find.

Had a good night.  I have been struggling with a project involving galleries, images, prints.  Not specifically a web site challenge but it did drive me to researching image gallery plugins.  I used this site to experiment and got very frustrated I couldn't make them work.  I was trying to reproduce a process I found on a UK Tea House site.  The site doesn't matter but the way they were displaying their images was exactly what I wanted to do.  I am not a Internet language expert (HTML) but I can read and understand enough to know how the site works underneath the covers.  I found out what plugin they were using and loaded into my site. But could I get it working? The fuck I could.  I was getting so angry with myself.  I tried several other plugins but had no luck with them either.  I deleted everything and started again.  This time I found the plugin developers site and their support documentation.  After following a number of convoluted dead ends I finally found what I was looking for.  And didn't understand a word of it.  I had to apply the code on blind faith.  It didn't work. FUCK!!! What was I doing wrong?  That partial understanding of HTML was enough for me to look for alternate code and try it.  YeeHa!! IT WORKED!!!

I was wrapped, exuberant, happy as.  I spent another two hours trying all the different configurations of the plugin and finally discovered a best fit.  1:30am I saved my work and closed the site.  Turn off the beast and retire to the couch.  I was happy.  I watched a couple of Michael McIntyres and wet myself.  That man is comedy genius.  Followed up with an XL QA video.  More laughs.  Then I stumbled on Miss Miele.  Did at least 4 hours of her.  I like to laugh.  It is good.

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  1. Kerry08/09/2020

    Laughter is good….best medicine in my book….plus MMcI is a hero of mine….love him!


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