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Hi.  How do you feel about letting me know you have been here  Maybe you don't want to leave a comment on a page and I understand that.  But I would love to know how many souls are corrupted by entry into my dark places.  If you are brave enough (challenge!) sign the bottom of the page and I will add your entry to the record.

When Who What
15/07/2020 Gerald So inciteful (snigger)
15/07/2020 J Trump We need more right thinking people like this. Contact me boy. We have things to say.
16/07/2020 Elizabeth I didn’t like it
16/07/2020 The red avenger Cool dude
2020-08-12 Justin Avery I am at a loss for words. Where does this dribble come from? I want my money back.
2020-08-29 Yellow kiwi fruit You write so well and sometimes it is a bit scary
2020-11-29 Laurelee I like the breadth of interest and your uncompromised stance. Also the orangutan.

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