Wash day

shower day, shave day.  It's all go here.

Recently I made a new outside cover for the kitchen exhaust fan.  One day it was gone.  I believe fierce winds removed it one night.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I decided to fashion a new one.  This time a multi section flap like the original.  Once again I measured twice and checked again.  I printed the bottom section on Thursday night.  4.5 Hours.  On Friday morning I found out I had set something wrong and it printed too thick and too tall.  I did not cry.  Scrap the two part plan and return to the one piece circular flap.  Clear all the settings and use just enough to determine the thickness, so that it would be flexible.

NINE HOURS!!!!   I couldn't take the thought the printer whining beside me all night so I moved it into the 'laundry' on top of the washing machine.  It started Friday, near midnight, and I kept watch until the first layer was down.  About 2:30 am I let myself sleep.  I woke at 4:45 am and checked.  Still looking good.  So I watched TV until drug time.  The print finished about 9:30 and I fitted it in the window.  You can see in the detail shot that I didn't get the size exact but I ain't wasting another 9 hours to make it perfect.  Yeah that's right!  I am not pursuing perfection this time.

I crashed then and woke at 4:30.  Goodness how the day flies when your having fun.  No immediate printing needs so brought printer back onto workshop coffee table.  "Hey! I'm up.  In and out of laundry.  Lets wash my jeans etc."  Whoo hoo! Big day!  Clean hair!  Clean chin! Fresh undies.  It's hot!  Lets dive into the clothes pile on the bed and find some shorts.  I know they're in there somewhere.  Geez my life's exciting!!

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