I have a 1998 Seiko from a previous life.  I do not want it to be but it is in fact my go to watch. I bought it way back then because it has yellow dials.  I love yellow.  I am a sucker for yellow.  I bought my Saab, sight unseen, no RACV test, no test drive, just because it was yellow.  I have loved all my motorcycles but my favourite was a yellow Honda 250.  It is well beyond my means now but I would give everything to be able to afford to have my Goldwing painted yellow.  Oh to live in my day dreams.

Reluctant go to watch??  It is a good watch.  It is "my" watch.  Bought by me for me.  It has no connections to anyone else.  And I am sad because of that.  I had another watch that I liked a lot.  A present from a (very) long time partner.  It was comfortable and it meant a lot to me even after the end of the relationship.  But several years after the split something occurred that soured any connection it had.  I think I have disposed of it but I cant remember now.  I am still sad because I would like to have something treasured, an unsolicited gift from someone special.  Alas it is not to be.  So my Seiko is my go to watch.  I have several others but they are just watches.

So I got 10 batteries for $2.50 and fixed my watch.  $45 at a watch repair kiosk, no thank you.  Several years ago I was custodian of all the watches my mother owned.  She asked me to have them all fixed.  She has a lot of watches.  Even at her expense I wasn't spending over $300 to fix them all, so I bought a $13 repair kit and 10 watch batteries from ebay.  Sorted.  Been fixing watches ever since.


  1. Kerry19/07/2020

    I did not know about your amazing ability to fix watches…….learning so much about you from this site!! 😁

    1. tony19/07/2020

      still waters……….

  2. Kerry22/07/2020

    They do indeed run deep Mr Smith!


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