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Hello and welcome.  This is Tony's World.  This site is my way to be true to myself and practice what I preach.
Tony's World is not a happy place but he strives to be interesting.  That's the best he can promise.  Some of you have decided, rightly so, not to be dragged into negativeness.  I applaud you.  I think you live in a dream but I would never argue with you or try to drag you into my reality.  I just ask you to not think that you can "cure me".  It's been tried, cost me a lot and it didn't take.   My reality is dark.  It has always been dark.  Just briefly,  I had a glimpse of life in the brilliant sunlight.  Now I am back in reality.  You do not need to plunge into the depths with me but you are welcome and invited to join me on the activities deck on the cruise ship that skims over the crests of the waves.

I would love you to get involved and keep coming back but I understand if it is too dark here. You do not need to be drawn into my despair and sorrow.  For those who choose to live in the make believe world of Pretty kitty Youtubes and Facebook Character Quizzes I offer a choice of paths.  Enjoy.  Stay away from The Darkside.  It's the real me but you probably wont like it.


  1. Laurel Freeland20/07/2020

    I do love that quote

  2. Kerry10/10/2020

    Great postings. Do something.

  3. Kerry10/10/2020

    Great postings.


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