Who was that masked man?

The masks are on in Melbourne.  It is pleasing to see the perambulators passing my window bedecked in nasal adornment.  The methods of attachment is surpassed only by the design variety.  '2 out of 4' is very popular, where you have four laces to tie but you only connect the top two behind the head.  This leaves the other two laces trailing from the mask bottom while it bounces near the chin.  Another very popular style is the 'leading with the chin'.   All the laces and ear loops are correctly affixed.  The mask is positioned low to maximise coverage over mouth and chin, and the nose is free to take in fresh air as needed.  Most efficient.  Bless 'em.

I am now going clean shaven.  After shooting the selfie above I realised the thick fuzz was not helping keep the germs in or out.  And before you ask, No! I am not wearing my modelling respirator in the street.

that's a mask


  1. Kerry26/07/2020

    Plague doctor. Medico della peste. Steam punk. That’s a mask. Unfortunately I cannot post a picture of it here, unlike a Zuckerberg world domination site.
    AUTHOR: You means this one-

  2. Kerry27/07/2020

    This is the traditional one with cloak and hat as worn 17th century by real doctors who filled the beak with fragrant herbs to fend off plague, unaware the fleas would still hop onto their cloak. For more fun, add steampunk to your search.

    1. Tony27/07/2020

      Now you’re just showing off. Are you asking me to do an article about the range of covid mask styles?


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