Whovians Delight

For true Whovians only. 

I got immense satisfaction from the search for, the printing  of and customising a Tardis.  The Dr's vehicle of choice.  Did any of you know that the British Metro Police tried to acquire the trademark of the police box several years ago?  What were they thinking?  Join the Metro Police and get a free police box tee shirt?  Common sense prevailed and the BBC retained the trademark and the tee shirts.

In the last few months, since acquiring my 3D printer, I have spent hours and hours searching the web for appealing projects.  The girls inspired my search for the robots and other ball jointed figures.   Sci-fi interest drove me to the Fifth Element and Dr Who.  And the boy who never grew up sought out the toys he never had.  So far I have created and presented the Robots to the girls.  I am 90% the way into my Fifth Element Multipass, just waiting for teeny weeny electronics.  My boy toys are waiting for M3 screws and a bit of plastic welding.

My Dr Who's are quietly simmering.  I need to decide what size Dalek to build and if to include electronics.  I was waffling with the Tardis because I had no police box blue and cannot afford  to spend $30 dollars on filament that might not be right.  Then I thought 'golly gosh' or words to that affect.  I shall make a Xmas Tardis.  I had orange loaded so I printed the window 'glass'.  I have only used a little of the purple filament for the robot limbs so that was the obvious choice for the box.  I spent a long time checking and triple checking the settings and printed the door panel.  It laid down beautifully.  Dead flat, no warping and the window 'glass' slipped in perfectly.  I printed the other three walls.  The base and top were a worry because they had tiny channels that the wall panels had to fit into.  Luckily my setups worked and the puzzle pieces slipped together.  I topped it off with the little yellow lamp.

I am well pleased with my efforts.  It is done and it is beautiful.  Click the images below and the full size gallery pops up.

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