Why robots? they ask

because they are! Any QI and Johnny Vegas fans out there? If you don't know what I am talking about, you owe it to yourself to experience the joy of  - 'confused' .

So why robots?  It's all part of my grande plan.  I have a number of items I want to make for myself but I need to do a teeny bit more learning before I do.  What better way to bridge the knowledge gap than with gifts for the grand kids.  There are two lovely dolls I want to make but they will both take many, many hours to print and they have very delicate, slender parts.  I am using the robot to practice the printing and also the construction techniques.  Both girls have their favourite colours and I will print and build their robots when the coloured filaments arrive, some time in the next few weeks.  The feature image above will give you an idea of what I aim to create.  The black model I have just finished printing is just for me to time the prints and test the quality settings.  I am waiting for a delivery of 'Hot pink' elastic to thread the robot.

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