Xmas 2020 Giveaway.

For true Whovians only. 

I got immense satisfaction from the search for, the printing  of and customising a Tardis.  The Dr's vehicle of choice.  Did any of you know that the British Metro Police tried to acquire the trademark of the police box several years ago?  What were they thinking?  Join the Metro Police and get a free police box tee shirt?  Common sense prevailed and the BBC retained the trademark and the tee shirts.

I made a Xmas Tardis.  Orange window 'glass'.  Purple filament box.  I topped it off with the little yellow lamp.

I stuffed it with a string of little leds from last Xmas.  They have their own battery pack.  Perfect.  I designed and printed a new fitting to hold it in.

See the images below.  Click on one and the full size gallery pops up.  If you would like it let me know and I will post it to you.  First come, first served.  But I am amenable to special requests.

The first comment to include the exact phrase   "Yes please, I want a Xmas pressie"   will get the gift.

As I said, you are welcome to ask for one and it will be my pleasure to provide it.

The available colours are ( yes black is a colour)

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Silver (Greyish)
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple

Feel free to select any combo, just let me know colours by item group:

  1. Wall Panels, Dais, roof, lamp top - colour
  2. Lamp - colour
  3. Window 'glass' - colour  (except black and the greys, most colours are translucent.

The Comments will be turned on Tuesday, Dec 01, 9:00am.



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  1. Nicola01/12/2020

    Yes please, I want a Xmas pressie NB 🙂

    1. Tony03/12/2020

      Oops. Honestly do not know what happened. Your comment only just appeared (3/12/20 9:45pm). I acknowledge that you actually replied first but…. the judge has already ruled on the first entry seen, and that was Laurel.

  2. Laurel+Freeland03/12/2020

    Oh yes, i have been a quiet fan for years and seen every episode. Pink or purple is totally fine for me. So Yes please, I want a Xmas pressie

    1. Tony03/12/2020

      Lucky Laurel. That’s it folks. Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

      All you other folks, don’t forget the offer for a personalised Tardis is still very open.

  3. Kerry03/12/2020

    yay Laurel! This is nearly as immediate as facebok!


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