Xmas is coming and the Grandpa’s getting fat.

It’s out of character but I had a good day.  Yesterday (Friday) I completed a 3D print with electronics.  Bloody marvellous.

True Whovians know who you are.  True Whovians will know the sign above and what I made.  True Whovians know I have blasphemed and committed colour sin.  But forgive me it is for Xmas.  True Whovians go here for your special offer.

True followers of the miserable one will know my favourite movie genre.  True followers will know my primary motivation for buying the 3D Printer.  I scoured the ‘net and found a number that satisfy my craving.  I have two of these projects “on the go” but today I ‘finished one’ (almost).  I still need to weld some plastic joiners but the mechanics are functional.  I am excited and mostly pleased

Xmas trip.  My most beautiful son bought me a return flight to Sydney.  I will be spending Xmas with the girls.  Arriving in the afternoon of Xmas Eve and leaving a few days after New Year’s Eve, just in case.


  1. Laurel+Freeland29/11/2020

    Great to hear and love the Tardises. I definitely want one!

  2. Kerry30/11/2020



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