Yes I am mortal

"Hey Tony, can you help me carry a flower trough from the car?  "No problem"  Famous last words.  A minute later I was flat on my face in the dirt outside my door. I'm pretty sure I fainted but luckily I did a great job of convincing Carl I tripped and couldn't recover.  My guess is a blood pressure thing.  I just collapsed.  I had no control at all.  It was way too heavy and I am stupid for even trying.  But shit! What a wake up call.  I have felt a little light headed in the past but nothing like that.  I repeat, I went down completely out of control, my body just collapsed.  Notice taken.  Time to wash my bloodied grazes on knuckle and arms.

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  1. Kerry13/09/2020

    Any comment is no substitute for consulting a professional.


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